Simulation Theory

24 Mar 2017 19:29
dot3.pngMisrepresenting The Simulation Hypothesis
Now that there is yet another popular celebrity interested in the Simulation Hypothesis, I've been getting Google Alerts on this topic at the rate of about 3 per week, and they all include the name Elon Musk . This is less informative than the other articles on this site, it's more of a rant than anything else; a...
07 Apr 2016 20:32
dot3.pngThe Simulation Hypothesis By Fair Wind Films
Fair Wind Films did an excellent job of summarizing the modern day inclination in favor of a simulated reality. It's about 1 hour long. Although I will be the first to admit the inclusion of fallacies within the film, it's still well worth the time and has some good information. I'll be summarizing or possibly...
18 Feb 2015 19:06
dot3.pngPhilip K Dick
Philip K. Dick was a Sci-Fi writer and philosopher. Dick's novels often addressed the question of what is real with the idea that the world is an illusion and constructed by some outside and unknown but powerful force.
16 Feb 2014 20:56
dot3.pngTom Campbell: Author of My Big Toe
Tom Cambell is a well known adherent for the simulation theory. He is the author of the book My Big Toe , TOE being an acronym for the theory of everything. Tom iterates many of the common observations that lend to the simulation hypothesis, except that Tom asserts that the simulation is real, and he does so without...
09 Feb 2014 23:04
dot3.pngDo We Live In A Simulated Prison?
In a court of law, motive is an important factor when determining guilt. One thing I've heard very little about when it comes to the simulation hypothesis, what motivations might be behind it; why was the simulation created and why are we in it? Here are the basic premises of the prison speculation: 1. All that you...
09 Feb 2014 21:16
dot3.pngNeuroscience & Free Will
Dr. John-Dylan Haynes is a Professor at the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience in Berlin. In an experiment with Marcus Du Sautoy, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford, Dr. Haynes was able to demonstrate that human consciousness can determine a choice of action 6 seconds prior to being aware...
03 Aug 2013 06:47
dot3.pngGames, Reality, & The Universe
As I consider the simulation hypothesis, I'm often reminded of video games. Specifically, I'm reminded of MMORPG's and other multi-player games. Multi-player games involve several types of characters including real life players called player-characters or PC's, and computer generated characters called...

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