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I started this site a few months back as a catalog for everything relating to the Simulation Theory. Since then I have not been as active in adding content that I would like to be. So today I took some time to add more content and provide a means for users to add content too. You can submit articles, post here on the forum, or leave comments directly on article pages.

This site is not nearly popular enough to constitute a community forum but if you would like to carry on a conversation or post some thoughts then I'm happy to read your posts. Articles will appear on the main page for a while until bumped off by newer articles. However your article will always remain on the site and be found via browsing or searching. There is also a chance that I will post a link to your content in the side bar, especially if it is well written, informative, or thought provoking. As you can see by the menu, there are still quite a few write-ups that need to be completed.