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I will here shortly try to explain, why psychology makes perfect sense in the simulation hypothosis.
by: QuantumTQuantumT
24 Aug 2017 22:30
Comparing ourselves to androids in fiction. (Alien: Covenant - SPOILER ALERT!)
by: QuantumTQuantumT
12 Aug 2017 19:57
Realizing that you might not be physical, can be uncomfortable. A paradigm shift like that is huge. But it might not be that bad!
by: QuantumTQuantumT
26 Jul 2017 18:30
I have thought alot on why they would do this. Bostroms arguements has always seemed too banal to me. Here are the best reasons I could imagine!
by: QuantumTQuantumT
11 Jul 2017 20:02
I have no PhD or education within the realm of science, so I don't have a piece of paper proving that I've learned and understood the things I will address on this website. Should I accidently make claims that are scientificly incorrect, I appologize in advance. I'm just an AI (or am I?).
by: QuantumTQuantumT
07 Jul 2017 20:03
3 by QuantumTQuantumT
07 Jul 2017 22:39 Jump!
When you die they put your player into another simulation. I want to know how to stop playing.
by: deletecharacter17deletecharacter17
19 Feb 2020 02:24